Swiss keyboard Installer crash workaround

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Swiss keyboard Installer crash workaround

Post by Sorensei »


This is more as information/fix to anyone who might have encountered the same problem, as it seems to originate upstream ( ... ug/1182784 apparently still not fixed), but there it is:

It 's been happening since Mint 16 but I hadn't been able to find out the cause so far - when installing with "French"+"Swiss keyboard/French variant" the installer returns the error "ubi-console-setup failed with exit code 141", if I choose to ignore it and proceed the installer crashes when it arrives at the language parts of the install. I have verified it for 16, 17 and 17.3. (KDE edition every time). Previous versions were immune.

Using "English"+"English keyboard variant" and change it once the installation is complete solves it, but it's nevertheless annoying. My previous workaround had been performing a console dist-upgrade (works like a charm) but I had a disk failure and had to re-install from scratch.

I don't know if other non-English languages are impacted, though. If yes, same workaround might work.

Just in case it helps someone else!
I don't have a solution, but I do admire the problem.
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