18.1 Guest no full-screen after G.A. install...

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18.1 Guest no full-screen after G.A. install...

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I am running Linux Mint 18.1 as a guest using VirtualBox.

I ran through everything as clean as possible by removing previous (built-in) G.A. and then installing the VB G.A.

I've given the machine enough memory and have enabled 3D acceleration.

The issue I'm having is that the "screen" does not fill up the entire screen when starting up from a cold-boot. Whenever I restart it, however, it does fill up the entire screen.

This issue only ever occurs on the start-screen, and once logged on, the machine adjusts and everything is smooth.

To clarify: The screen adjustment is inconsistent whenever booting up (not restarting) and when arriving to the start screen/logon screen. Restarting and logging on from any point therein conquers the issue.

What I'm wondering is why this is even an issue to begin with. I didn't experience this issue with my 17.3 guest, but VB has gone through an update or two since then.

This conversation might be more suited in their forum, however, after not getting enough input on the issue on their end, I've decided to come here.

I'm more than willing to bet that it's a VB issue, but I'd like input as to finding out how, why, and where this is happening.

It clearly has the capability to fill the entire screen at all times, but does not commit to it or is thrown off by something when booting up the first time.

Any tips?

- T.R.G.

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