Installing from own hard disk

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Installing from own hard disk

Post by eruiz00 » Sat Nov 18, 2017 7:24 pm


Sorry for my english, i will try to explain the better i can :(

One year ago, i could install linux mint from my laptop hard disk on these hard disk.

Its a Asus laptop from 2016 (i7-5500, nvidia 920m, etc.) with EFI and secure boot disabled. It has windows 10.

What i did was to make a primary fat32 partition with about 5 gigabytes size. I did copy all mint ISO files into that partition. What i had was like this:

A efi partition (Sda1)
A windows partition (Sda2)
A windows reserved partition (Sda3)
A data private partition (Sda4)
The 5gb partition (Sda5) with mint iso files
Free space to make the partitions (future ext4 partition and a swap partition)

Then i rebooted, selected mint boot, and installed linux mint without trouble.

But now (last months) i have tryed to install mint with the same scheme. I couldn't.

The installer refuse to analyze disk as it seems it cannot touch the disk where the mint files are.

Some insight?


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Re: Installing from own hard disk

Post by lostfarmer » Sun Nov 19, 2017 12:02 am

If the hdd is mounted it will not make any partition changes. It should permit installing on a current partition , but have not verified. You can add ( in boot menu) at the end of the linux *** line ( toram ) . note remove the ( ). That should permit you to unmount all partitions (after boot)on the booted hdd and then make partition changes. (also have not tried with Mint)

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