Instructions for dual boot install on MacBook Pro

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Instructions for dual boot install on MacBook Pro

Post by BUBearsFan » Mon Jan 15, 2018 5:04 pm

I read the “how to get help” instructions and searched for “dual boot install Mac” and didn’t see any instructions. I’ve searched on Google and found good instructions for installing Ubuntu but not Mint.Does anyone know a good link for clear instructions for installing a bull boot with IOS on a 2012-2014 MacBook Pro? Thx!

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Re: Instructions for dual boot install on MacBook Pro

Post by keithrboz » Mon Jan 15, 2018 10:27 pm

This link tells you how to prepare your drive:

I found it best to use osx to convert the .iso, and create a bootable USB: ... rom-an-iso

I'm guessing you already have your .iso?

It all worked very well on my 2008 macbook.
Keith Bainbridge

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Re: Instructions for dual boot install on MacBook Pro

Post by fabien85 » Wed Jan 17, 2018 9:23 pm

Instructions for Ubuntu will work for Mint too : Mint is based on Ubuntu and has the same installer.

Steps are :
From macOS
1) With Disk Utility resize the macOS partition to leave free space for linux. If you can leave the rest as unallocated (free) space it's better, otherwise format it as a partition with a macos filesystem that we will later delete
2) Download the ISO and burn it to a USB stick using Etcher

3) shutdown, plug the USB stick, boot pressing alt/option and select the option called "EFI Boot" with the logo of an external drive.
You will boot to the live version of Mint. Check that everything works to your liking, in particular wifi.

If so, proceed to install
4) If you had to create a partition at step 1), launch gparted (Menu > Administration > gparted), select the internal hard drive, select said partition (take care not to select the one of the real macOS system) and delete it. You will now have free space. quit gparted
5) launch the installer and choose the option to install alongside macOS

That's it. shutdown, unplug the USB and reboot. You should get to a grub screen giving you the option to boot into Mint or exit to macOS.

You may have some troubles downstream, macs often have video problems for instance. If so, make a new thread on this forum with a link to the specs of your mac on and a clear description of the problem.

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Re: Instructions for dual boot install on MacBook Pro

Post by kwsherwood » Sat Jan 20, 2018 2:33 am

Have others been able to follow this procedure with a newer MacBook Pro?

I'm able to run the live USB and even install to an external hard drive. But installation from the live USB doesn't show the primary drive of the Mac (nor does it show up if I run Gparted from within Mint live).

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