Fedora & Linuxmint

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Fedora & Linuxmint

Post by sudheer622 » Sun May 24, 2009 11:32 pm

I had already installed linuxmint choosing option use entire harddisk
in partition manager
and i want to have fedora along with linuxmint the problem is i don't know how i can use the free hdd space for fedora and also if i install fedora then can i see the option to choose any one of the OS betwheen system starts help me

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Re: Fedora & Linuxmint

Post by fwc » Mon May 25, 2009 12:32 am

This is a common issue addressed with software called Gparted. You need to backup before you do much work with it however because it can be somewhat dangerous to use. I quote from another post of someone trying to dual boot windows and Linux because the process is similar. After you have split your partition and install Fedora, the manager for bootup should include both distros as options. This manager is called grub and requires more posts and explanations if it doesn't work automatically
Aging Technogeek wrote:This will be easier if you download and burn the stand alone .iso file of the latest version of Gparted available here: http://gparted.sourceforge.net/. Also available at this site are documentation and help sections for Gparted. (You can also use the Mint install disk, which contains Gparted)

The live CD will boot the latest version of Gparted that includes several options not available with the Mint Partition Editor. Since your Windows partition is next to your Mint partition this should be relatively easy. First, as fwc said, backup both Os to the proper media. Next, insert the Gparted live CD and reboot your system being sure to reset the BIOS boot menu to boot from CD-ROM.

Once Gparted is running, it will show you a partition table and a graphical representation of your hard drive. Click on the Mint partition in the table to select it. Click the Partition heading at the top of the screen and select Resize/Move from the dropdown menu. Click and drag the partition wall of the Mint partition that abuts the Windows partition to reduce the Mint partition by the desired amount. Click apply.(this may take some time as files may have to be moved).

When the Mint partition is resized, Click on the Windows partition, Select Resize/Move from the Partition menu and drag the Windows Border to enclose the space freed up by resizing the Mint partition. Click apply and you are done (again files may be moved so considerable time may be involved)

Take your time doing this and make sure everything is correct before you click Apply. Also do each partition move separately and finish one before starting the next one. Bad things can happen if you try to do multiple operations at once in Gparted

This method can also be used to move unallocated space across several partitions to where it's needed. Just move the space stepwise one partition at a time until you get it where it's needed.

If the Gparted menus are grayed out it most likely means the drive you are trying to edit is mounted. Go to the partition menu, select Unmount, and click apply. Once the drive is unmounted, you can work on it.

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