Dual boot Windows Server Essentials and Linux Mint

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Dual boot Windows Server Essentials and Linux Mint

Post by viper37 » Thu Feb 22, 2018 12:48 pm

to make it simple, I absolutely need to replace Linux Mint with Windows Server Essentials 2016. I'm really sad, but my business is my priority, beyond my pleasure and my side projects.
This thread explains why, I can't get any kind of Linux paid support where I live, everyone I've talked to told me to switch to Win Server.

My current hardware setup is 1 SSD + 2 HDD in BTRFS and I need to add 2 more drives in NTFS, RAID 0.

I'm thinking of trying the open source BTRFS driver for Windows 10 to keep access to my current data, but worst case scenario, I'll shuffle the data to the new drives to remake the partitions.

Anyway. Current problem: I'd like to keep Linux Mint installed, for fun and for backup, in case I would have a serious problem with Windows Server so that I still have a network of some sort to rely on for a few hours until I'm alone and have time to fix the problem. Also, 'cause I really like Linux Mint and I just want to keep an eye on it.

Can I install dual boot Linux Mint with Win Server just like I would do with Windows 10 or is it a tad more complicated than that?

I know with Windows 10 I would install Mint after Windows, but if I do this with Win Server, am I going to... frack things up?
I don't have any experience with server OS, only with regular Windows versions and a little bit of Linux. And from the look of things, the only computer consulting firm around here is unable to help me much with this. I'm an experienced Windows users, I've had Linux running alongside Windows in the past, but Windows Server is a different beast to me...

I tried looking around the web, but I only find articles on Windows 10 + Linux.

Does anyone here would have any experience doing this? Is it even possible or will Windows Server prevent me from installing any other OS? Should I just forget it? I don't have the room for yet another computer, I don't want to buy another computer just for Linux (it's not worth it) and I can't install it on my home computer because I can't get the wireless to work flawlessly.
Linux Mint 18.1 Cinnamon
Intel Pentium G3240 3.1ghz dual-core
256gb ADATA SSD (Ext4, OS drive)
WD Red 6TB (x2) (BTRFS, data drives)
16gb RAM

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