RPi ssh connection by key

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RPi ssh connection by key

Post by oldal »

One Raspberrypi (RPi 3 B) is connected to my computer. It is accessible by ssh password. My home computer runs on linuxmint. RPi runs on Raspbian The connection works ok, but requires the password on each connection. SSH key would be simpler and more secure.
I would appreciate advice how to convert this connection from password to ssh-key.
All suggestions will be gratefuly received and appreciated,
OldAl - in Canberra, the capital of Australia

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Re: RPi ssh connection by key

Post by fabien85 »

You will easily find documentation on the web to do that, e.g.
https://devops.profitbricks.com/tutoria ... on-ubuntu/
https://linode.com/docs/security/authen ... -with-ssh/
https://www.digitalocean.com/community/ ... nux-server

Basically you need to generate a key on your Mint computer with ssh-keygen then copy it to .ssh/authorized_keys on the remote server.
Once you have that set up, if the server is accessible through internet, you could take the occasion to secure the access (e.g. disable root login and connection via password, change the listen port)

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