{SOLVED} Home partition and fresh installs.....

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Re: {SOLVED} Home partition and fresh installs.....

Postby FedoraRefugee » Tue Jun 16, 2009 8:42 am

ibm450 wrote:im so sorry guru of all knowing......its replys like this puts newbies off in trying out geek ware. i bet you any $ that you were once spoon fed on certain areas of linux when you first started out....

Actually, no. I have NEVER been spoon fed. I have asked a few questions in a few forums and I have received answers that helped me further HELP MYSELF!

by the way...i thought the motto on this site was
so why make bitter comments?

No question is too stupid, and if you go back to my first post in this thread you will see I gave you a good, clear answer. Which you proceeded to ignore because I did not tell you what you wanted, which is a step by step procedure on how to multi-boot without any thought expended by yourself.

Bitter? You are not worth the trouble of being bitter over. :D

and for your stupid info, my reason in wanting to try multi boot distro'ing is to see which one (distro) i end up using more often and eventually get away from using windows. if my "spoon feeding" request is just to much for you, please, get *&^% and dont spoil it for us newbies, and i rather not have bitter comments on what i asked for in the 1st place.

If you want to use Linux then you will be required to THINK for yourself at some point, probably early on.

maybe one day the experience and knowledge i gain from Linux, i may end up spoon feeding you !!!!

I doubt it if you are not willing to learn. You had three qualified people try to help you in this thread. You made a grab for the one who you felt was most likely to email you with private directions that gave you a definitive answer with no work involved from your end. You should have instead followed the link Fred provided and started learning about dual booting. It is an easy task, but one in which there are countless options. It is YOUR computer, YOU need to figure out what you want. If you are willing to consider the options and start a dialog with me on what, exactly, you need then I would be MORE than happy to spend the next five days, if it took that long, with you until you were up and running. But...You simply want me to take the time and email you a numbered set of instructions that may or may not work in your case. That is wanting to be spoon fed. Sorry I dont do that. Use Windows, I dont care. :D

im so sorry for this outburst people, its comments like this that really shy newbies from posting novice questions.

I am glad I angered you. You will take that wrong, but you need to see that you have to help yourself first. Oh, I am sure someone nice like Mark will eventually give you what you want in this case. Then you will have another question. Then another. Some time you need to start reading and learning. Otherwise you are simply using the wrong OS. You can hate me, I dont mind. I assure you I just want to see you grow and learn and come to enjoy this OS. You did not post a novice question, you expected someone to do your work for you, there is a big difference. I hope you can step back and see that.

Good luck, hope it works out for you. I do mean that.

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