Having a major issue with mint 7 standard livecd = solved

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Having a major issue with mint 7 standard livecd = solved

Post by confused.brit »

Ok, i've now downloaded and burnt Livecd twice. at slowest speed my drive is capable of, but I cannot boot into a useable environment.

Mint seems to think its working fine, as I see the mint splashscreen and then the screen goes black and i hear the chime, but then, instead of drawing the desktop, i get rainbow coloured squares all over the screen.

I can crtl-alt-bkspc and I hear it going to the GDM screen, but again i can seenothing but rainbow squares, and after a short time it autlogs back into the desktop.

I'm just lucky that when i hit the power button on my PC it shuts down and autoejects the livecd.

Now, the system is a Thinkcentre, 2.4GHZ processor, 1.25GB RAM, Nvidia Geforce FX 5200 with 128MB on board VRAM, with 2 HDDs and currently running Felicia.

Home is on a seperate partition to system. User is a complete linux Noob who was hoping to do a clean install of Gloria if the LiveCD worked

erm, cant think of any more details that might be relevant...

Any suggestions, or do I just stick with Felicia?
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Re: Having a major issue with mint 7 standard livecd

Post by kei84 »

When you put the LiveCD choose "compatibility mode".

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