[solved] T430 boot from mSATA

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[solved] T430 boot from mSATA

Post by AndyMH » Wed Jul 18, 2018 3:11 pm

Bought a cheap T430 to supplement my main T430 for testing. Came with a 320G HDD so have speeded it up with a 120G mSATA SSD. Installed mint 19 onto the mSATA and wiped the HDD (had win7 on it). When I boot it just hangs (looking to boot from sda = HDD), the only way I can get it to boot is hitting F12 on start and telling it to use the mSATA (which is sdb).

Can't find anywhere in the BIOS to change the boot order, nothing in setup, F12 is only temporary. Is there any way to permanently change the boot order? BIOS version is 2.72 (G1ETB2WW).

Note - have tried boot-repair but the only option it gives me is to re-install grub on sdb which is the mSATA (I want it on sda = HDD). Have also asked the same question on the thinkpad forums.

Now solved, wasn't obvious, see
https://forum.thinkpads.com/viewtopic.p ... 96#p820696
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