Hibertnation resume issue mint 18.3 xfce

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Hibertnation resume issue mint 18.3 xfce

Post by decuser » Fri Jul 20, 2018 10:31 am

I am running 18.3 on my Thinkpad T430. It works great. However, while suspend works fine, hibernate doesn't seem to be working right. When I resume from suspend, my running applications appear as they did before the suspension. When I hibernate and resume, none of my running apps are running anymore.

uptime afterward just shows the current uptime since resuming.

cat /var/log/pm-suspend.log shows hibernate was successful, but there isn't any resume information present (with suspend, both suspend and resume suspend are successful and present in the log).

I tried several methods of hibernate including press the power button, press Fn-F4 (hibernate), and sudo pm-hibernate, all had the same non-working result. The system powers off, and it seems like hibernate is successful in setting up the hibernate, but something is going wrong with the resume.

Also, my swap is on lvm (installer defaults, 17G).

Any thoughts or suggestions on how to troubleshoot will be appreciated.

carum carvi
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Re: Hibertnation resume issue mint 18.3 xfce

Post by carum carvi » Wed Aug 08, 2018 12:47 pm

You are one of the few who has got suspend and hibernation working without crashing your system. That hibernation does actually not work is not great, but hibernation has been disabled totally in LM19 and for good reasons. For years there have been hardware conflicts with suspend and especially with hibernation. These are hardware conflicts and therefore very difficult if not at all solvealble. You are lucky that suspend works without a flaw. My girlfriend cant use suspend nor hibernation without her system crashing. She can only do a shutdown.

You could go on a search quest to maybe find a solution to your hibernation problem, but chances are slim that something will work. Really consider yourself lucky that suspend does work. What is hibernate good for anyway? The differences between a shutdown and hibernate are not THAT huge.

I have searched the forum for weeks researching this suspend and hibernating subject. One thing seems to work best: changing kernels. But even then only suspend or only hibernation will work. Good luck with trying to change kernel versions. I wouldnt bother though because you already have suspend working.

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