Machine does not boot normally, cannot load AMD graphic driver

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Machine does not boot normally, cannot load AMD graphic driver

Post by sandyihb67 »


I have booting problems with Linux Mint 19 (tara). My laptop has AMD graphic card (AMD/ATI mullins graphics card Radeon R4/R5). The thing is when i boot, the linux mint logo flickers and on the side various boot messages scrolls, sometimes indefinitely and i have to reboot with recovery mode . in recovery mode also the logo flickers in the begining with numerous boot messages and then finally it boots, but i don't get any control over brightness and other stuff. in the past month alone i tried installing Ubuntu 16.04, 16.04.05, ubuntu 17.10, 18.04, openSuse, manjaro, and linux mint couple of times (forgot to mention the elementary OS). All have the same problem. The logo flickers during boot indefinitely, and it boots only in recovery mode with low rendering options.

So i did follow the nomodeset xforcevesa and all, but still the same. My dual boot windows works but not linux. I kind of love linux, and i can't give up using it, so pls help me guys. What i can do to my system so that it will work properly. I know there's a driver issue on AMD , but i think it's been present for like 5 years now, somebody must have got some better solution.

Pls let me know, i'll scan through this thread and will try to follow, i'll provide logs and specific command outputs, but i need linux to work on my PC. I can't spend much time on my windows os. By the way, Linux mint is installed in the compatiability mode, so the Xorg.conf file has Vesa as driver not amdgpu or radeon. I used to have this as driver on normal install, but that didn't endup using the driver and i was stuck at boot itself. So any insight, anything which is proven as a solution for users who use AMD graphis, pls help. Right now i hate myself for buying this laptop...

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Re: Machine does not boot normally, cannot load AMD graphic driver

Post by karlchen »

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Split off from this thread: Solve boot problems with AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards.
The case of this machine seems to be special, because several different distroes fail to boot normally.
So a dedicated thread seems to be more appropriate to analyze the root causes and hopefully solve them.
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