How can I go back to 18.3 from 19. Giving up on 19!

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How can I go back to 18.3 from 19. Giving up on 19!

Post by ShellKnobCat » Fri Aug 17, 2018 1:18 pm

I give up on 19, just too slow and clunky for me. I have Win7 and 19 dual booted, is there an easy way to replace 19 with 18.3? I don't mind is the 18.3 is a new install but I don't want to have to do a complete fresh install of both Win7 and 18.3. Plan to go back to 18.3 Mate this time. And, please, I need step by step instructions as I'm not all that "techie".

Current gparted is attached.
Screenshot from 2018-08-17 12-10-46.png

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michael louwe
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Re: How can I go back to 18.3 from 19. Giving up on 19!

Post by michael louwe » Fri Aug 17, 2018 2:58 pm

ShellKnobCat wrote:.
Roughly, ...
1. Boot the Live LM 18.3 Mate USB/DVD and proceed with the install.
2. Select the manual "Something else" install method.
3. Click on the /sda5 - ext4 - Linux partition. Ensure that the Win 7 - ntfs - partition is not clicked whenever you click on something.
4. Click "-" or minus to delete the Linux partition. Click OK. If need be, delete the /sda3 extended Linux partition as well. This will result in a new free-space of 39.58GB being created.
5. Click on the new free-space of 39.58GB and click "+". A partitioning window will appear.
6. Partition the free-space as about 37GB in size/Primary partition/at the beginning of this space/ext4/mount point is "/" or root. Click OK.
7 Click on the remaining free-space. Click "+" again and partition as 1.5XRAM size/Logical partition/at the end of this space/Swap filesystem. Click OK.
8. Ensure that the "Device for boot loader installation" is /sda or the internal hard-drive.
9. Click "Continue" and let the install proceed until completion.

viewtopic.php?f=42&t=122276 (manual partitioning Tutorial for Legacy BIOS mode and MBR/ms-dos disks)

P S - 39.58GB - 1.5XRAM = size of the "/" or root partition.
....... If your RAM is 2GB, the Swap partition should be 3.0GB then the "/" partition should be 36.58GB.

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