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Elitebook 8530w: Mint 19 and problems with NVidia driver

Posted: Tue Aug 21, 2018 12:18 pm
by verlen
I just installed linux mint 19 tata on my laptop Elitebook 8530w. I unfortunately followed the advice of the welcome message and installed the NVIDIA card driver that my PC is equipped with. The result is that the system hangs and can not get your hands back, the screen remains frozen and only the mouse cursor is active! in the few minutes of correct operation I tried to go back to the driver level but impossible to change the resolution which makes the operation impossible, in short I had to reinstall the system several times before arriving at the correct operation with the generic driver.
Thank you for your feedback.
Ps I let the installer fully format my hard drive but he did not seem to create a swap partition?

Re: Elitebook 8530w: Mint 19 and problems with NVidia driver

Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2018 2:30 pm
by kelbelo35
I have essentially the same problem with my HP 8530W. I have the FX 770 GPU, and assume you do as well (as opposed to the ATI chip) as you refer to the NVIDIA driver. I believe there are actually two problems with this model of laptop and Mint 19- one is heat management between CPU/GPU, which appears not to function as it does with Windows. I think my laptop has locked up several times due to high CPU heat (I have the Extreme Edition cpu, so it is can get very hot quickly). Installing TLP and or thermald help with better heat management, and you should consider enabling your sensors so that you can monitor your CPU temp, as well as consider CPU throttling to reduce heat generation. There is an article at that discusses these methods.

I have observed the software manager when running the NVIDIA driver also seems to be unstable- I cannot install anything successfully; my CPU usage jumps excessively within seconds of starting software manager and the system freezes as you describe whenever I start it. I've been able to use apt get from the sudo command line as a workaround to install components (such as TLP above) successfully.

Perhaps you can also confirm that it is using the software manager causes the system freeze?