Can't install Mint 19 with swap where I want it.

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Can't install Mint 19 with swap where I want it.

Post by choochooal »

I'm running Windows 10 and Mint Cinnamon 18.3 (64 bits) on my laptop.
I want to boot from a Mint 19 Cinnamon 64bit Live DVD and install 19 on a thumb drive.
I have tried oh so many times but every time I say 'other' partition scheme, pick /dev/sdc (the thumb drive of 32G) and delete the 2 partitions that were / and swap for 18.3 and remake them. Oh and grub is also on /dev/sdc.
When I hit 'install now' I get the synopsis of what is going to happen and I get it using both the swap on /dev/sdc and the swap of /dev/sdb (my current dual boot mint 18.3).
So it looks like it's setting up 3 partitions.
If I don't make swap on sdc as I have 8G of memory and really don't need it, one would think it would just make the / partition. But it wants to still make /dev/sdc1 as / and swap on my /dev/sdb8 (mint 18.3).
I can't get away from it trying to use my Mint 18 install.
I've got Mint 18.3 installed on this thumb drive so I know it can be done but how? It is possible that I used my wife's Windows only machine to make the thumb drive. I just now thought of that, but why can't I do what I want to do? Am I missing something?
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Re: Can't install Mint 19 with swap where I want it.

Post by gm10 »

What is the "other" partition scheme? I only know the "Something else..." option, which gives you full control, no partitions will be created automatically.

That said, the live environment will auto-mount all swap partitions that it finds. Which is a good idea. There is no good reason to have separate swap-partitions per installation. It's just temporary swap space. Unless you're planning on hibernating one installation while booting into another I guess. Still, you have complete freedom on whether to use a partition for anything in the "Something else..." mode. In any case you can also just remove a swap partition you do not want used from /etc/fstab on the installed system once the installation is done.
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Re: Can't install Mint 19 with swap where I want it.

Post by kc1di »

The installer looks on all your HDs to find if swap space is already defind. and if it is no matter were it is it will attempt to use that swap partition.
if you do not want one of the swap partitions to be use just remove it fro the proposed swap.

it will not be deleted just won't be used.
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