Grub problem after install "Solved"

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Grub problem after install "Solved"

Post by spider »

Hi, I have windows XP on my 300gb and on my secound drive Felicia

Everytime i try to start my PC it says: grub loading, please wait...

The only way I can get this back is to reinstall both OS.... strange because they are on different drives plus this is my secound time installing this again and i had this grub problem twice. could it be the CD itself? I had this Linus for sometime before this happen

however, When i did install Felicia again it said after the install: Unable to install grub in hdo
executing grub-install (hdo) failed
This is a fatal error

I also believe this error was there when i install it the first time i had the grub problem.... this keeps showing.

Note: I don't have the grub-problem right away ... after a little while then it gives me problems again... Grub loading, please wait

if you need any more info.. please tell me where to go because if it's in Linux Felicia... I'm still learning.

Just in-case anybody has this issue, it was my DVD burner that went bad... so when I installed the OS, it didn't install all the important files that needed to run the OS... it act all crazy... I just needed to take a seat back and think this one out.

Spider :D

Thanks for reading!


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Re: Grub problem after install "Solved"

Post by emorrp1 »

Yeah, I had a similar issue, I ended up replacing my optical drive. Glad to hear you solved the problem.
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