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USB Ports Disabled in Grub?

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2018 12:50 pm
by davidcit646
After testing the new Mint 19 in a virtualbox, I decided to partition my old laptop HDD and have a go at it. Linux mint is... alright, I suppose. When I wanted to go back to my Windows partition on my SSD, I found out that I can't use my keyboard in GRUB. I can't even enter bios, when right before this installation, I used my bios to change the boot priority.

i3 8350k
GTX 1050
Asrock z370 Pro4
8 GB DDR4 Ram
Adata SU800 120GB SSD --- Windows 10 NTFS
Adata SU800 240GB SSD --- Windows 10 NTFS
Seagate 640 GB HDD ------ Linux Mint 19 EXT4