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A live USB question/problem

Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2018 8:45 pm
by nomadsoul
Hi, I made a LM live bootable usb to use on my Windows 10 laptop. First time I tried it worked perfectly. Second time (after one of MS sleazy updates) I tried to boot from usb, this time windows told me "usb is not recognizable" or some such rubbish. I really think this is some microsoft trickery to discourage us from switching to Linux, -which I would do in a minute if I could download and run Phsiphon vpn and Wechat. I am behind the China firewall and half the apt commands won't connect so I gave up on trying to install Phsiphon. It would be amazing if LM came with a VPN already configed. Does anyone else have this 'usb not recognizable problem?'.