Anyone tried installing mint on Beelink S2 Intel Gemini Lake N4100 Mini PC

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Anyone tried installing mint on Beelink S2 Intel Gemini Lake N4100 Mini PC

Post by Asusucks » Wed Oct 17, 2018 7:40 am

It seems like an ok device for my needs but it comes with windows 10. In one review it was pointed out that ubuntu was installed successfully. Does that mean Mint should work also?

This is the device i am talking about: ... B07D9F9NPV

About linux they provide this info: " Support Linux System
To ensure the compatibility of system, please contact with seller. "

Someone asked them:

A: " Can I install linux os? "
B: "Answer: YES.
Please contact with our technical support tearm. we will sent you files.thanks."

A: "Assuming you cannot download ubuntu 16 and install using either external iso burned dvd or usb is this correct? why must we contact tech support?"

B: "Answer: Hi,because it requires the right version and the right driver, our after-sales service team can provide them to you, and the operation is simple. "

That is strange and unproductive to me. I do not want to contact them if I want to install some OS.

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Re: Anyone tried installing mint on Beelink S2 Intel Gemini Lake N4100 Mini PC

Post by BG405 » Thu Oct 18, 2018 12:38 pm

That sounds odd to me, too. I'd contact them first & ask them questions like:
  • Can the internal storage be upgraded?
    64GB may be sufficient for the root, swap & maybe some storage for /home, at least for now. However, what happens if it fails? Will it run OK from the HDD/SSD?
  • Can the RAM be upgraded? If so, what's the maximum capacity?
  • What, exactly, are the drivers etc. which are stated as required? Can you provide a link to the necessary hardware drivers, with instructions for Mint/Ubuntu/Debian/Arch etc.?
If they do not provide these sort of details prior to purchase, I'd look elsewhere.

As for one of the above questions, I see someone has already asked:
“is there ram expandable? up to how much gb will it support?”
Hi,It can not expandable ram. but it can expandable rom.
Yuancin US
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Not sure what that answer is supposed to mean. :roll:
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