installing FROM a persistent live usb

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installing FROM a persistent live usb

Post by IronBoatClan_Krl » Mon Jun 22, 2009 7:40 pm

Hello World

I have been using linux mint off of a persistent live usb stick following the instructions I obtained from pendrive linux. it has been working swimmingly (after tweaking to get sound and internet working on my hp mini 1030), so much so, that I took the plunge and decided to install it as my main os. the only problem is, none of the settings changes (and the fixes for sound and networking) that existed on the persistent usb made it over on the install. is it even possible to perform an install from a persistent usb that keeps your settings? if not, given my noob status, what files would i take from the casper save portion of the usb and plug into the current installed version? I ask because it took me 3 days to finally get wireless/ethernet workind and about a day and a half to get sound working (almost) on the persistent usb version, and now it is gone, and I dread having to figure out what combination of profanities and wall punches actually got the aforementioned the first time. Please, any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Re: installing FROM a persistent live usb

Post by Husse » Fri Jun 26, 2009 5:39 am

Installing from a USB pen drive, as installing from the live CD, does not carry over any settings
If you can make backups or is willing to risk a new install it is the /etc folder that is to be transferred
Exactly what can be a bit tricky to say, but anything with sound and networking plus modprobe.d (folder) and modules (file)
It's a long list - alsa, pulse, sound possibly more and dhcp3, network, Network manager, resolv.conf, wpa-supplicant and probably more and last but not least the linuxmint folder
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