Dual boot install attempt broke XP

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Dual boot install attempt broke XP

Postby teplcon » Wed Jul 01, 2009 1:15 pm

Hello all,
Brand new to Linux Mint, although I've used some other distro's for a while. VERY impressed with Mint 7! But I do have a problem. I installed Mint 7 as only OS on a spare machine which went great, so great I decided to install it on my home PC which had WinXP and CentOS5 installed in a dual boot setup. I wasn't very thrilled with CentOS as a desktop OS, (love it as a server!), so I was excited to replace it with Mint. The install appeared to go OK and I thought it was just overwriting the CentOS setup. When it was done the PC rebooted fine, the Mint boot loader selection screen came up, XP was listed. I can boot into Mint 7 fine and everything there works fine. I can even browse all of the XP partitions and directories. However, when I select XP from the Mint boot loader, the Windows splash screen appears for a couple of seconds then a Blue Screen O' Death for half a second and the system restarts.
Unfortunately I need XP running for a couple of critical apps, AutoCAD and Revit, as well as a couple of years worth of Quicken data. Any hope for me :roll: ?
Any suggestions greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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Re: Dual boot install attempt broke XP

Postby Nicki » Wed Jul 01, 2009 3:59 pm

I think you have a system crash in Windows. First of all, from Linux you have to backup all necessary files in Windows such as your AutoCad files etc, etc. This is important if you have to re-install Windows. You've just installed Mint so you don't have important files in Mint. Then you have to delete the file pagefile.sys in the root of your Windows partition.
Then you can try to restart with your Windows install-CD or from recovery terminal mode type: fixmbr. Try to restart without the CD. If neccesary you have to restart with the CD and go to recovery mode and repair the last install. Try to restart without the CD. If you still have the splash screen, then you have to re-install Windows. But do this in the same catalogue you have earlier. This will not harm your files (but if, you have already backed up your files). Hopefully you can start up your Windows again. Now this will take a bit longer depending that you have deleted pagefile.sys but be patient. Windows have to rebuild the swapfile. Then you must defrag your system and after that you can delete the partition that you have made for Mint. Now you can carry on to install your Mint again. Install in unused free space.

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