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Partitions & Sizes

Post by dhenzler »

I am playing with setup of SSD & Spinning disk for my desktops. Using 120G SSD and 1T hard drive. I've set up the various partitions a few times, and have yet to determine the space needs. The drives are larger than needed so it probably doesn't matter except to learn what is required. sda is SSD
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This is what I have currently... remembering my roots in Unix... multiple drives were used back in the day as large drives were not available...

Anyone have some experience with what is needed...

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Re: Partitions & Sizes

Post by AndyMH »

There is very little point in putting /opt, /temp, /usr and /usr/local and /var in separate partitions. At 29G your /partition is more than big enough for all of these. If running LM19 you don't need a swap partition it will use a swap file if no swap partition. I would keep separate / and /home partitions but I'd put /home on the ssd and mount your 1TB HDD as something like /home/me/data.

What are you doing for backup, I ask because I've got an ssd in my laptop and 1 TB HDD. The HDD is used purely for backup?
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Re: Partitions & Sizes

Post by pioruns »

Yes, I agree with AndyMH, you don't need separate partitions for all these folders. Put everything on SSD, except for swap file, and /var/log (put that in RAM).
You can always add them later. If you feel that you will run out of space in /home when using SSD, create /home on HDD now. That's it.
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Re: Partitions & Sizes

Post by JerryF »

I'd have to agree with the others.

Too many partitions to worry about. No need. Keep your disk simple.
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