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Windows 10 recovery found, but not the OS

Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 2:05 pm
by ArtoriusIV
When I use grub to boot I can see Mint 19 which is installed on a 1tb drive. On a 250 SSD I have WinX then on another 1tb drive I have files that I used when I was using Windows more actively, but not it's a convinient spot to save documents I might want to work on regardless of the OS I'm using. However I cannot use Grub to boot into WinX, only into windows recovery mode. Looking into some solutions I have tried using

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sudo os-prober
with my OS drive mounted, however it still only finds the recovery image

The following link is a pastebin from boot-repair that I can't follow, but I am sure will be useful to someone who can follow all of the drives/partitions that my computer has made.

Re: Windows 10 recovery found, but not the OS

Posted: Mon Mar 11, 2019 9:58 am
by nickname
I've been wrestling with a similar problem, but...

From looking over your data, my first suggestion is:
  • boot into Linux,
  • execute the command: sudo update-grub, and
  • reboot.
Now you should see a bunch of entries for booting windows. Ignore most of them and look for something like: Windows on /dev/hdd1. Select it and hit Enter. That should take you into Windows.

My reasoning is that changes have been made to your drive/partition layout, but grub hasn't been told about them.

I'm still working on the next step myself, which is cleaning up the grub boot menu. It's a daunting task and involves using software such as Aeomi Partition Assistant to delete unneeded EFI partitions WHICH I AM NOT RECOMMENDING FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. You need at least a basic working knowledge of how EFI, UEFI, MBR, BIOS and GRUB all work before attempting even a guided procedure.

If updating grub gives you the grub menuentry you need (among the many that'll be generated by the update) so you can boot Windows properly, I'd say take that and use it until you can do some studying.

Re: Windows 10 recovery found, but not the OS

Posted: Mon Mar 11, 2019 11:18 am
by ArtoriusIV
I have run that command, and it did not add any other options to my grub launcher