[Boot Mint to an Acer SOLVED] Installing 19 but not found

Questions about Grub, UEFI,the liveCD and the installer
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Re: [BOOT MINT TO AN ACER SOLVED] Installing 19 but not found

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Yeah, Andy. I can remember back a few years that I had to set it up the same way. Even after all of that today, it tried to jump in again and mess with having to check one more time. I can't figure Acer out. I've never had any problems with my HP's. With my SSD I learned a bit more about them. I figured it was going to be a bear getting Mint and Windows. Was very easy for both. With Marcum and cloning Windows to the SSD, then booting from the SSD, it was easy to install Mint and yes I had to give it another trusted OK (OS) through BIOS. Crazy! But loven it.
Anyway... Thanks for the help!
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Re: Installing 19 but not found

Post by athi »

WesternSlope wrote:
Fri May 31, 2019 10:44 pm
To all, that's interested if any. I found the old link on how to search and boot Mint on an Acer (I think, any Acer).
I knew it was out there and it works great plus I can boot to Mint or Windows.
Thanks, to all that helped.
Thanks for posting the fix and link.

Looks like Mint generates a UEFI key that you can add to the trusted key list, this will be useful for those PC with screwed up UEFI implementation. Wondered if this key is generic, so you can transplant the key into other systems.
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