Your advice needed on a partition setup

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Your advice needed on a partition setup

Postby zoomer » Fri Jul 24, 2009 7:43 pm

Have a laptop currently running Vista. I've always loathed this bloated OS and am real excited to embrace Linux full time on my laptop, which gets a lot of use.

The kicker is that this laptop serves a key position in my computer network. And thus, I would like your advice on how to setup the partitions.

My scenario consists of 3 systems total: the office computer, the laptop (soon to be running Mint), and my home computer.

The 'Office' computer & the 'Home' computer are essentially the same. They both run Windows because I work daily in Adobe CS4.
The 'Laptop' is essentially the bridge between these two desktops, allowing me to work on the same projects regardless of where I am: at home or at the office.

The way I do this is with a shared 100 GB partiion from the laptop which is mapped as a network drive on the other two systems. All of my active projects are on this partition, so this setup provides easy access whether I'm at the office or at home.

So now I want to ditch Vista and install Mint on the laptop. It has a 300 GB hard drive. My data is backed up, so I'm ready to format the thing and create the necessary partitions.

How do you recommend I tackle the install & partition setup ?
I have only installed Ubuntu once or twice, have never installed Mint.

By the way, I will also need about a 50GB partition for Windows too.

So in summary, on this 300 GB laptop I need partitions for:
A. Mint
B. Projects: 100 GB partition to serve as mapped network drive for Windows systems
C. Windows Vista

Thanks in advance, your input is appreciated.

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Re: Your advice needed on a partition setup

Postby lagagnon » Fri Jul 24, 2009 8:46 pm

My recommendation: 1) 10GB partition for / , 2) you decide how much data you are going to store on the /home Linux partition. If you plan on saving a lot of muzic/video files then you require a lot of space, otherwise make yourself a 10-30GB /home partition and 3) a swap partition of 2x RAM size, up to a max of 2GB.

You can do this from the Mint installer - and all this is very similar to Ubuntu as Mint is basically a fork of Ubuntu....

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Re: Your advice needed on a partition setup

Postby paparts » Mon Jul 27, 2009 1:20 am

Hey we have the same scenario. I admit that I am not a good linux user but I am starting to be one. What I did the first time installed mint is that boot a win xp/vista cd and create a free space on how much is for mint. After creating a free space[RAW] I then selected the 3rd option in installing mint that is to select the free space for installation and let mint do the job for how much is intended for /swap, /home...etc. I guess this is not bad for a newbie linux user.

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