noatime difference

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noatime difference

Post by rjsrjs »

Hello Everyone:
Here is something I found that is interesting to me, maybe someone can explain out there in Linux Land.
I get the following information about my /dev/sda1 SSD laptop boot drive when I use the command "cat /proc/mounts" in the terminal. Thats what Mint put in when I installed Mint 19.1. System is working great with out an problems on my Lenovo T430 with 180GB SSD and 8 Gigs of memory

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/dev/sda1 / ext4 rw,relatime,errors=remount-ro,data=ordered 0 0
And I get the following in my fstab file.

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UUID=a693fde7-85d5-4704-8897-d24e6d447abb	/	ext4	errors=remount-ro	0	1
/swapfile	none	swap	sw	0	0
In the fstab file there is no mention of relatime and other things, but in cat /proc/mounts there is relatime. Is this correct? I thought both should be the same.

Just curious Thanks.

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Re: noatime difference

Post by WharfRat »

If you check the man page for mount
Since Linux 2.6.30, the kernel defaults to the behavior provided by this option (unless noatime was specified)

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