Login Loop - 19.2 Xfce - Should I give up?

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Re: Login Loop - 19.2 Xfce - Should I give up?

Post by colski »

Thanks Cliff.

I hope my reply wasn't a little too abrupt. Maybe I am still in my microsoft Windows thinking regarding updates etc. I am moving all my machines (5 or 6) away from any and all forms of windows, especially as windows 7 nears its so called end of life. Hence my eagerness to get various distro's working on my range of machines. (However, I may keep a machine or two with win7 on in some kind of dual boot mode for software purposes etc).

So many times in the past I have been stung by one windows update or another that I tended to ignore many windows update naggings. I must try not to let my years of windows frustrations spill over into my linux learnings :-)

I have so much to learn about linux that it is rather overwhelming. I'll never be an expert like so many here, but it is amazing the help I have seen already on this forum and it is a credit to all of you.

Thank you.
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Re: Login Loop - 19.2 Xfce - Should I give up?

Post by cliffcoggin »

I don't blame you for being suspicious of updates in Windows, but the opposite applies in Mint. Welcome to the club.
Cliff Coggin
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