Firefox already running on startup. Reboot. Now blank screen

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Re: Firefox already running on startup. Reboot. Now blank screen

Post by pbear »

MintUser19 wrote:
Thu Jan 23, 2020 5:32 am
Now to find out why the blank screen after rebooting when firefox wouldn't close, any idea why?
I've been stumped by that from the beginning. Doubtless there's an explanation, but it's probably an obscure bug.

As you've reinstalled without LVM, there's no reason to think it will happen again. But do keep your backups current.
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Re: Firefox already running on startup. Reboot. Now blank screen

Post by MintUser19 »

Happened again today (after latest updates). Wife was on a web page that required logging in. She closed Firefox as she was done with a web page (secure, online account, first time logging into that page) and then went to restart Firefox. She got a message telling her that Firefox was already opened and to restart the computer. She restarted the computer and it went into

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and to manually check the disk for errors. I typed in

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fsck /dev/sda1 
to manually check the disc and several errors came up (I had to press

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as I didn't use

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after fsck) and the system did a successful boot up. (I don't remember the errors as there were several). I had Timeshift enabled and was able to choose a time of this morning.

Because the wife was logged into an online secure account, perhaps there was a reason Firefox would not shut down after she logged out of the webpage and closed Firefox (clicking on red X top right corner rather than on exit from the file menu). Any ideas why this has happened?

Thanks :)

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