Creating Linux Mint as an Amazon Web Service EC2 instance

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Creating Linux Mint as an Amazon Web Service EC2 instance

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Does anybody know of a script/tutorial to show how an Amazon Web Service (AWS) Linux 2 instance can be installed with Linux Mint and used remotely using either UltraVNC or TigerVNC?

The EC2 instance, like any other instance, must be capable of resuming normal service after use log-off and/or re-boot and/or shut-down. The use case for the instance is a temporarily personal virtual work station for use when travelling for business (as and when travel is allowed again). Companies do not want their employees to use their equipment for personal data, even if it puts the employee in an impossible position regarding managing their household remotely.

AWS's linux instances are Linux 2:

There is a marketplace AMI for Mint Serena, but it has one major shortcoming: you can't log off the user account, or re-boot it. This means that the AMI is a proof-in-concept, but not really that functional.

If there is no way to install Linux Mint & UltraVNC/TigerVNC on an Amazon Linux 2, is there a way to build a virtual machine in, say virtual box, on a local (physical) host machine, and upload that built image to AWS to become a private (or marketplace) AMI for launching as an EC2 instance?
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