HP touchpad not working

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HP touchpad not working

Post by Ronuts »

Hello all. I am new here so I hope that this is the correct section to ask. Feel free to move it to the hardware section if necessary.
I recently purchased a new HP 15ec0751ms and want to install 19.3. I created a usb iso, changed the bios and the system booted to the installation screen ok.
The installation screen looks like a desktop with a taskbar along the bottom and several icons on the left of the screen including an 'install' button. Unfortunately my touchpad does not respond and stays in the centre of the screen - so I can't start the installation.
Is there something that I have missed or do I need to attach a mouse and do it the 'old fashioned way'?

Any advice will be much appreciated.
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Re: HP touchpad not working

Post by bc1x »

Before installing, verify the .iso first. It's a waste of time to install a corrupted file.

Installation guide for an older version of LM, but the steps are the same.

Connect to the Internet & attach a mouse before starting the installation.

See "Known Issues" of these Release Notes & the touchpad solutions.

If the touchpad still does not work, do the following:
1. remove the driver(s) as suggested by the Release Notes.
2. install the snaptics driver via the Synaptic Package Manager.
3. make the synaptics driver the default, as in explained in this webpage, part 6.2.
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