Do you ever get one of those days?!

Questions about Grub, UEFI,the liveCD and the installer
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Do you ever get one of those days?!

Post by salan »

So everything was going very smoothly.
I decided to update to 20. Did a backup (or so I thought!). Ran mintupgrade check. DIDN'T notice the errors(they flew off screen). Started upgrade.
It crashed!
Damn (and a few other words! lol). Never mind I have a backup. I will use timeshift and revert back.
No I wont the backup failed and because I was doing other things at the same time I didn't notice.
Now I have a machine that boot into mint cinnamon 20 but no apps and no panel.
Fortunately all my emulations/VM's etc are on other disks so not lost
Using a live version to post this. MY OWN FAULT not the Os's. So easy to do to just assume as it's gone well in the past, you get complacent and 'drop the ball'.
Just backing up my home dir with my config files then will try to repair. If not then start again and restore. It's just all my apps etc hats the pain. Ah well I had nothing else to do for the next few days lol!

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Re: Do you ever get one of those days?!

Post by oscarTheGrouch »

Going through the upgrade blues also.
Mate 18.3 -> 20.0
So far issues are not being able to mount my MyBookLive network drive and with multiple accounts, no password text box for the last user unless I slect another then go back. Guess I can't complain . yet. ;)
Good luck!!

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