Live session boot hangs on Mint logo

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Live session boot hangs on Mint logo

Post by Mintstant Karma »

I've successfully booted into Linux Mint 19 from a flash drive many times. Now suddenly today it hangs on the Mint logo screen.

Last night I was using it more heavily than usual, and after a while one of the apps stopped responding, then others. I successfully closed Firefox. Nemo gave me a "force quit or wait" message and at first I tried wait but then force quit, which worked. I think the text editor was the last application running but it wasn't responding.

I tried ctrl-alt-backspace for the first time and got a definite response, though I'm starting to forget the sequence of events. I think I was shown a login field, and entered "mint" as my username. But I couldn't remember the default password, got on my tablet (where I am now) and researched. I think I tried [enter] for the pw and thought it failed, but now I'm wondering if I just didn't recognize that it was successful. I have very little experience with terminal.

I tried a few things I found in forums, including Ctrl-Alt-F1, F2, and a few more, startx at a terminal prompt, and possibly more. I was getting responses, which was encouraging, but I really didn't know what I was doing. 😣

I saw a tty prompt, which was new to me, eventually found my way back to a terminal, appeared to successfully log in, but still no idea how to relaunch the Cinnamon desktop. I even saw the Mint logo again when I got desperate and pressed the power button briefly, but that went nowhere. The last thing I saw was a gray(?) screen with a box in the middle saying...

could not acquire name on session bus
log out

This was a graphic but there was no mouse cursor. I finally shut down with the computer power button. At every boot up since, it has hung on the Mint logo.

The heartbreaking part of all of this is that I had recently downloaded the Linux Mint 20 ISO, and was getting ready to permanently install it. ☹️
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Re: Live session boot hangs on Mint logo

Post by blackcarajillo »

Maybe the USB stick is corrupted. It is only a live session. You could try to make another one and verify the check sums.
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