Grub Error 22 AGAIN

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Grub Error 22 AGAIN

Postby Vinny_Can » Fri Sep 18, 2009 4:27 pm

I had Mint and Microsoft XP installed so I could choose between them at boot up. I had two IDE hard drives where both were installed on the same drive. I recently installed a SATA drive just for extra storage. I moved files from the second IDE drive to the SATA but never messed with the main drive.

The GRUB loader continued to work but Mint would not boot. I tried some work around shown in these forums but they did not work (such as editing). I tried doing a re-install, but this time it did not give the partitioning "side by side" option. I gave up and removed the Mint partition and swap, etc. from the main hard drive and did a fresh install to the second IDE drive byt partitioning 3 partitions for it and manually specifying "/" directory, "/home" and "swap" to their own partitions. It installed but GRUB loader was not working all along.

I tried doing what was suggested in one of the forums to find where grub was installed (using LiveCD to boot) through the searching then opening the Terminal window to verify the Grub partion and typing the Setup command to update the Menu.lst file. The grub was on hd2,6. I checked Menu.lst and it was indeed updated. However when restarting Grub does not load and gives the grub 22 error.

Am I toast? I am new to Linux and have been excited about making the transition while my wife continues to us XP, but I am not making a very good case as our computer has been useless for the last couple of days.

Any help or should I just give up and go crawling back to the Microsoft world?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Grub Error 22 AGAIN

Postby Husse » Sun Sep 20, 2009 7:28 am

You did not find this wiki I believe - explanation and solution
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