Linux Mint 20 > NVMe + Timeshift > Most clean installation?

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Linux Mint 20 > NVMe + Timeshift > Most clean installation?

Post by SHUred »

Hello everyone,
i did experiment with some constellations regarding using partitions and disks in different combinations on my PC, running ONLY Linux Mint 20.

Now i bought myself a NVMe 1TB drive and wanted to restore my whole system to it, but it seems that i can not choose the NVME-Drive as target for timeshift.
Im not a professional, so there are for sure some mistakes i made.

My current Drives:
  • 1TB NVME --> Here Linux Mint 20 including home and all files shall run
  • 4TB HDD --> Here i only want to store my Timeshift backups
  • 2TB USB-HDD --> My current location from where i want to restore my Timeshift backups --> Once this is done i want to disconnect this drive and only use internal storages (the two above)

Code: Select all

Dateisystem     1K-Blöcke   Benutzt  Verfügbar Verw% Eingehängt auf
udev             32858256         0   32858256    0% /dev
tmpfs             6580776      1612    6579164    1% /run
/dev/nvme0n1    960381672   8800000  902727160    1% /
tmpfs            32903864     46392   32857472    1% /dev/shm
tmpfs                5120         8       5112    1% /run/lock
tmpfs            32903864         0   32903864    0% /sys/fs/cgroup
/dev/sda1           94759      7956      86804    9% /boot/efi
tmpfs             6580772        20    6580752    1% /run/user/1000
/dev/sdb1      1921800384 574024176 1250084256   32% /run/timeshift/backup
What i did until now:
  • Tried to directly restore Timeshift Backup to NVMe-Drive via running LM20 from USB-Stick --> NVMe was not choosable as target disk --> So i installed LM20 fresh to the NVMe drive
  • Now (running the system already from NVMe) i wanted to restore the Timeshift backup again, but not while running LM from USB disk, but from NVMe --> Same situation --> Can not choose NVMe partition as target-root-path (Screenshot:
  • Did run Linux only as terminal and restore via command --> sudo timeshift --restore --snapshot ... --target /dev/nvme0n1 --> Got a error saysing something like "error to access storage"
My questions:
  1. Why isnt it possible to use my NVMe as Target for Timeshift
  2. Do i need the efi-partition?
Thank you already in advance
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Re: Linux Mint 20 > NVMe + Timeshift > Most clean installation?

Post by SMG »

Check this thread Can Time Shift (timeshift?) restore to bare metal? as it may contain the answers you need.
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Re: Linux Mint 20 > NVMe + Timeshift > Most clean installation?

Post by Larry78723 »

You need to create a partition table on the NVME drive before trying to restore a Timeshift snapshot.
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