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Linux Mint20.1 OEM - Install

Posted: Tue Jan 12, 2021 3:57 pm
by schrolle
Hi to all,

After choosing oem - install to install Linux Mint XFCE 20.1 on a Dell Latitdude E6520 there is no desktop icon for prepare shipping to end user and there is no oem-config-prepare under /usr/sbin/ after a, apart from that, successfull installation. Is there a solution or an workaround for this behavior ?

If i install Linux Mint 20 choosing oem-install boot option, already works fine.

Some News:
On a Dell Precision M4500, i installed LM 20 from a USB-Medium in OEM-Install-Mode. all works as expected, Desktop-Icon for prepare shipping to end user are available but i´ ve not executed.
Reboot the machine after updating LM XFCE 20. Installed the NVIDIA-Driver and reboot. In the next step i´ ve upgraded online to LM XFCE 20.1. After the online upgrade to LM 20.1, the desktop icon to prepare shipping was also available, and so i clicked it. Surprised, that all works fine. Now the Dell M4500 is ready to deliver.
I´ ve tested the post install steps that the new owner have to make, after power up 1st time the Notebook to setup the system. All work as expected, OK.

But i will test it again with another Notebook, to install directly a LM 20.1 - ISO from a USB-Medium in OEM-Install Mode from the boot options. May i´ ve to wait for a updated LM 20.1-ISO.