Need Help Installing to External HD/dual booting w Vista

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Need Help Installing to External HD/dual booting w Vista

Post by timothyp »

I have read the pdf tutorial, but still continue to have problems. I used the search feature as well, and still no solution that worked. I burned the iso of Linux Mint to a cd, i booted my pc and started from cd rom. Prior to this, i partitioned my externald HD as well. So after running the cd, i get to the Linux screen. I click install, follow the directions and put in all my information. I followed these steps as well
atlef wrote:Do a new install, and when you get to this page:
Click the
button and select to install
to your first drive (should be sda) if you want to choose between booting Mint and Windows.
But if you want or have the ability to boot directly from the USB drive, (which will let you bring along your drive to friends to show off. :-)) you should choose to install
to the USB. (Which should be the last drive in that list shown in the pull down menu.)

but i do not see the option to install Grub. When my installation process gets to 94%, i get the "failed to install grub - this is fatal..." error. Can someone please help me as i am very anxious to try out Linux. I tried installing Grub to the external, but still got the message as well.
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Re: Need Help Installing to External HD/dual booting w Vista

Post by gees »

Please look here: ... 15#p195818

The workhorse and racehorse situation there complies with your situation.

When you press "advanced" ( the button above the "install" button) in step 7 of the installation procedure
(your screen shot) there will be a drop down button initially showing "hd0".

When you press the button, all your partitions will be listed. The one you choose, there GRUB will be installed!!!
If your WIN is on the internal HDD (hd0), sda and the external USB HDD is sdb, either choose sda or sdb ...

Good luck!
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