Kernel panic with Mint 8

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Kernel panic with Mint 8

Post by thorn »

I have installed Mint 8 on my Packard Bell M/U however when I try to boot I get this error and a flashing caps light (recovery mode gives the same):

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[ 98.734656] init[1]: segfault at 1a98670 ip 00e5d3d2 sp bfb35d20 error 6 in init[e59000+28000]
[ 98.734842] Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!
I have no disk drive so I did the install with a liveUSB. The liveUSB booted perfectly with all devices working.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!

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Re: Kernel panic with Mint 8

Post by Husse »

Sorry for the late response and welcome to Mint
Hard to say what's going on
Did you check the md5sum of the ISO?
It can still be a bad ISO even if the live USB booted
It could also be some copying error during install
I think this is related to a bogus install, I hardly ever see kernel panic mentioned in the forum
Don't fix it if it ain't broken, don't break it if you can't fix it

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Re: Kernel panic with Mint 8

Post by Fluke »

Hi, I too get the kernel panic. Installed it via these instructions here ... n-windows/. Booted up great on my Corsair 16GB Survivor stick. Ran all the updates and it all finished successfully, cruised the net and listened to music and setup my bookmarks in Firefox etc. Everything was fine, Selected to Quit and Restart PC so I figured see if it call came back. Kernel panic like the thorn.

I am going to try and re-format the usb stick, fat32 and not quick format. Will try a re-install using same instructions, make no changes after loading it up then restart. See if it stays together. Maybe my drive is no good anymore though I really haven't used it that much and only just interested in this Linux/USB stuff lately. I've tried other distro's as well with not really kernel panics but more in terms of data loss with Ubuntu 10, SUSE 11.2 and DreamLinux.

Oh and just for the short time I have used Mint I really like it. Thanks, so far amongst all I have tried I'd say Mint is the best so far. It detected my hardware etc and my drives and sound works well enough, LCD detected, nice variety of tools. 2nd best to me so far is DreamLinux, but more for the way it looks (non-gnome version). It's hardware configuration and detection is seriously lacking (3.5). For example, I'd always have to reconfigure my X, never could get those long worked on config changes to save. Upon reboot it was like I did nothing. Also lot of functionality that should be avail via right click was missing. After you get past the cosmetics, it's pretty sub par imo.

It would be really really cool if this worked. I'm not thinking the panic is to do with Mint but I'd like to get to the bottom of this. I'll post back with anything I can but appreciate any input on this problem.

Update: Ok, so it seems after the slow format (fat32) of the USB stick everything is working now. About half a dozen boots where I setup further things, ran internet radio and installed flash update amongst all critical updates. Have verified everything is still in tact. I think I will avoid the video card update because that has been a problem across all flavors of Linux I've used. I don't really care to test it out. I think leaving it default will allow it to be more portable. At least that's my thought. Thanks for the great distro! :D

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Re: Kernel panic with Mint 8

Post by tawan »

My wife is experiencing an intermittent kernel panic with Mint 8 on her Lenovo s10e (no cause found yet, so a bit random when this occurs)

I have researched and found people reporting this kernel panic with ubuntu 9.10 on systems including the s10e ...

I hope someone upstream fixes it. I'm sure it is not a mint specific thing.

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