win7 mint 8 dual boot

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win7 mint 8 dual boot

Post by seeyouentee »

Having a very strange problem dual booting win7 and mint 8. The problem I'm having is it's very slow to get to the boot menu, takes about five minutes to get to what OS I would like to boot into. Using mint 7 it runs without a problem but using helena just takes forever. Any help much appreciated. The same thing also happens in ubuntu karmic also.

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T J Tulley
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Re: win7 mint 8 dual boot - Solved

Post by T J Tulley »

I have a different problem with the same components.

[Edit: 22/1/10-20:47GMT]
Solved by a suggestion from Opticyclic in another forum - see: ... ndows.html

In a new Dell Inspiron 1750 laptop with 500 GB HD I first used Disk Manager to shrink the Win-7 partition to 78 GB and created new logical volumes for /, swap and /home. Then I installed LinuxMint-8 in those. Both OS's worked fine.

Then Win-7 refused to log me in - my User Profile had become corrupt - and I had to re-install it with the Dell reinstallation disk supplied. Fortunately this accepted the existing partitions and retained my data in a folder called Windows.old. [Can't find Disk Manager in Control Panel now!].

My problem is that WIn-7 re-installed with a new MBR and Supergrub fails to replace it with a Grub file. I think I may have set the formats as ext4 (I have seen that recommended) and Supergrub has been reported as failing with this. So far I have faled to boot into LinuxMint-8 after reinstalling Win-7.

I shall be most grateful for advice. .

Yours hopefully, -
[Using LinuxMint-8 with Windows-7 on a laptop with 2.2 GHz cpu and 4 GiB RAM]

Theo Tulley.

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