Installer shows Windows Install present on wrong drive

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Installer shows Windows Install present on wrong drive

Postby Sabretooth » Wed Feb 03, 2010 8:28 am

Hola, I've been trying to install Linux Mint, but it comes up with a curious message for me. But first, some background.

I have two drives, a SATA 320 GB drive partitioned into 4 NTFS, with one of them running Windows XP and the others being for storage. The other is an ancient, but trusty 10 GB IDE drive that I plan to use as a back-up drive to run an OS from, which is how I ran my previous computer flawlessly. Thing is, I found out that the installer, when viewing the 320GB drive says that there is no OS installed on the system, and detects Windows XP when viewing the 10 GB drive.

I looked into the 10GB drive, which should be empty, and I found boot.ini and ntldr in there, and I let out a gasp. The installer warns me in a foreboding voice that attempting to install Linux Mint on the 10 GB drive will wipe out my Windows. I know it still won't hurt my installation itself or my data, but it's best to be as safe as possible. How do I move boot.ini and ntldr and not make Windows get mad at me?

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Re: Installer shows Windows Install present on wrong drive

Postby remoulder » Wed Feb 03, 2010 9:58 am

When you installed XP, you obviously had the 10GB drive set as primary, so the installation would have put the boot files on there even though the installation was to the secondary drive. I assume you still have the XP CD? If so disable the 10GB drive in the BIOS and/or swap the connectors around (may also need jumper changing) to make the 320GB the primary, then boot into the CD and drop to a recovery prompt.

At the prompt enter

Code: Select all

copy d:\i386\ntldr c:\
copy d:\i386\ c:\
bootcfg /rebuild
where d: is your CD drive (may be different)


Make sure you can reboot into XP without your 10GB drive, then if OK you can safely re-enable/attach the drive and delete the partition to install mint.
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