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PXE Install

Post by MarcusMoeller »

Hi all,

we are thinking about automated deployment of a large scale of PCs. Therefore we are in need of an alternate/netinstall media (which does not seem to be available atm).

So my question is: Could we do a minimal ubuntu installation, add the Mint repo and set dpkg selections accordingly?

Best Regards

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Re: PXE Install

Post by remoulder »

MarcusMoeller wrote:Therefore we are in need of an alternate/netinstall media (which does not seem to be available atm)
There is no such beast available with mint at the moment. Your suggested method would not give you the same result as an installed mint. I suggest you contact Clem directly on this as he may be able to suggest something for a large deployment.
[Edit] your original post and add [SOLVED] once your question is resolved.

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Re: PXE Install

Post by RedWagon »

I'm actually working on a similar project here at work. We're going with Tiny Core for the floor computers (27MB image booted to RAM) and will probably use Debian for the managers stations once we get to that. Debian can be netbooted and there are plenty of versions to choose from. Also if your stations don't need much (ours only need a web browser since our entire management system is web based) I'd highly suggest trying out Tiny Core. The base distro is 10MB and it's really easy to customize and add extra stuff to it.

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Re: PXE Install

Post by sigbjornl »


If you need a way to PXE boot Linux Mint, take a look at http://sf.net/projects/oneclickkick.

A short summary:
A web based GUI for managing clients for PXE boot clients with support of Kickstart scripts. Client install in one click. This is a generic framework created to work with any PXE bootable image.

This now includes Linux Mint for LIVE boot via NFS. :) I'm working on making an kickstart/preseed installation of Linux Mint as well.

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