Moving from Elyssa to Isadora using Mintbackup

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Moving from Elyssa to Isadora using Mintbackup

Postby franko » Wed May 19, 2010 12:26 pm

I have been very happily using Elyssa for a couple of years. Mint was my first real experience with using Linux, though I had dabbled with ubuntu briefly but found it too difficult to get my head around!
My current set up is a dual boot -XP on sda (formatted to ntfs) Elyssa on sdb (ext 3). Unfortunately when I started out, I didn't know the advantages of having a separate /home partition so haven't got one. I am not a power user and still very much a newbie.
I am now planning to do a fresh install of Isadora on a larger hard drive (replacing sdb) while keeping the dual boot. I am trying to make this as painless as possible and retain as much of my current setup as I can. I am aware of the Backup Tool but cannot find the answer to some questions I have ( I have tried searching this list and google) and hope that someone here will be able to answer them:
    What should I choose to backup? root? file system? frank (my home)?
    Will my current Thunderbird settings come across when I restore?
    Will my saved Thunderbird emails come across?
    I can see that, if I also choose to backup my software selection, Wine is included. However, I assume that I will have to manually reinstall the software that I have running under Wine. Is that correct?
I look forward to receiving any help that you can offer.

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Re: Moving from Elyssa to Isadora using Mintbackup

Postby remoulder » Wed May 19, 2010 4:25 pm

See You should only restore your data folder, Documents, Music, etc, into your new home, do not restore the entire old home into your new one, however you will need to restore your thunderbird and perhaps firefox profiles if you want to retain you mail/web settings. On wine not sure, though if you restore the entire .wine folder any apps you installed should be there, though you won't get any menu entries without re-installing them I suspect.
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