LM8 with Grub 2 on Inspirion

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LM8 with Grub 2 on Inspirion

Post by fwc »

I just had a question about installing LM8 on a Dell Inspirion 1545. I think the hardware is fine but I wasn't sure if the bootloader would be a problem to restore. The thing is, i am afraid the boot partition is a custom Dell setup and since the laptop did not come with any external CDs. It makes restoring a little difficult. There is a partition for reinstalling Windows 7 which is very nice, but it also makes the machine a little vulnerable to partition editing. Thanks very much for any help and I wish Dell at least sent the customer a USB stick with recovery software; it only comes with a power cable and a box.
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Re: LM8 with Grub 2 on Inspirion

Post by remoulder »

Are you sure the partition is a recovery one and not a diagnostics partition? If you press F12 on boot, do you get the option to run the diags. If it is a recovery partition, there should be an option to create CD's, if it's a diagnostic partition you can download this again from the Dell site.
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