Celena & XP on Intel RAID

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Lolo Uila
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Celena & XP on Intel RAID

Postby Lolo Uila » Mon Sep 17, 2007 7:33 am

Okay, so I just completely reloaded my "game" box which runs XP Pro off of an Intel SATA RAID-0 Volume. It was way overdue for a reload, and I decided to throw Celena (beta) on there as well.

It's not difficult to set up, but it is a little tedious. I got the dual boot working from the RAID Volume on the first try (yeah!). Followed the guide here. Note that Celena has the grub folder in lib/grub and not /usr/lib/grub like in the guide & Cassandra (for the section where you copy the grub stages).

Basically to do this you boot the live CD and install the "dmraid" package. You should pre-partition your RAID with something like Partition Magic because gparted doesn't get along with dmraid too well (otherwise you can use the terminal). After dmraid is loaded and the RAID volumes are activated your RAID partitions are mapped to /dev/mapper and you can run the installer. When you get to the partitioning stage there is a little extra work because the RAID partitions show up twice each and you have to tell the installer to not use the un-numbered partitions. After that the install runs as always until the end when it tries to install grub, which fails. You then use the terminal to mount your RAID file system and chroot into it to manually configure grub.

Of course the first thing I did after getting it working was screw up my xorg.conf file. :( And for some reason my anti-virus in XP decided to stop working? Got those sorted out without too much trouble and both systems are running normally now. Haven't had much time to play with Celena yet, but she makes a good first impression. Not running at the correct resolution at the moment though, so I'm gonna go screw up my xorg.conf file again. ;)

Aloha, Tim

And yes, I am fully aware of the risks involved with running a RAID-0 array. There is a non-RAID data drive on the system for backups and important files.

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Postby Boo » Thu Sep 20, 2007 2:50 am

I tried out that "fake RAID" stuff on my ICH9 MB.

Yes it is fake RAID. the RAID is not done in hardware but in software as a driver (dmraid). it is a bit like a win-modem.
If you want real RAID you have to buy a hardware RAID card,$$$.

You have used the only RAID setup that is worth using with this driver.

RAID 0 may be risky but not really with the drivers current state.
the other RAID configs only give you a false sence of security, ie when they fail your system will not keep going, you have to repair the RAID before the system is usable. even with RAID 1 mirror, if the main disk fails the second one will not be used instead. you have a dead system with one disk full of data.

well enough of my rant.

Now where was i going? Oh yes, crazy!

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