Making Boot Disk the Hard way tutorial of sorts

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Making Boot Disk the Hard way tutorial of sorts

Postby reagentz » Wed Oct 17, 2007 9:52 pm

I'm semi-new to Linux but not to burning CD images. I tried every thing mentioned in all the "howtos" and still could not get my laptop to boot the burned CD.

I'm using Nero 6 Ultra Edition, and installing LinuxMint on a MacBook Core 2 Duo. During boot with a "howto burn CD boot disk", I would get the header ISOLINUX 3.11 Debian x x x... it would sit there forever! then it would say Boot Failed press a key to retry.

I started thinking, okay I check the MD5 stuff etc etc. I know my download is good, I know my CDrom(s) work. I then thought, hey! I have a couple virtual drives setup.

I got a new blank CD went back into Nero, Recorder > Copy CD. I mounted the linuxmint3.1.iso on a virtual drive, point Nero 6 there as the source, and made sure my burner was setup. I reduced the burn process in half (old trick to get a burn to work if CD was burning to fast and giving errors on CD after burn). It took about 8-9 minutes, I didn't verify CD, instead I just pushed the tray back in (Nero ejects when done), and make sure all the file contents were there; they were so I took the CD out.

Popped CD back into my MacBook did a power down restart, after a few moments of crossed fingers and deep sighs the most beautiful thing in the world came up "LinuxMint from freedom to elegance" with options on the GUI and a count down to start. Everything booted up into the initial Gnome-style system and there was the icon "install" to double click.

Made all my selections, and it installed like a champ. I did run into one issue which I will make another post on and I think it has something to do with proprietary hardware with MacBook and it not loading the WiFi Ipv6 during boot.

Hope this helps someone out!

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Postby Husse » Thu Oct 18, 2007 5:46 am

The IPv6 module is blacklisted as no one (?) is using it - yet and it can give some problems
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Postby Acid_1 » Thu Nov 08, 2007 1:07 pm

If you want to disable ipv6 you can remove it from the blacklist. I've never done it, all i used was fwcutter, but im using a dell but, anyhow, type

sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist

then at the very bottom, unless you already edited it, there should be

# disable ipv6
blacklist ipv6

erase it, and ipv6 should load on boot. i don't know the repercussions of doing this, as it is off by default, but you can always try.

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