Can't start X on Live CD/Install

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Can't start X on Live CD/Install

Postby peekj » Thu Oct 25, 2007 1:12 am

I'm itching to try out Linux Mint in a full blown install after having trialed it in VMWare. I've used Ubuntu in the past and it seems like Mint is the missing finishing touch.

When I boot the CD it goes through the entire process until it tries to start X and fails.

I am on a T60 with that dreaded ATI X1400 card.

I've tried all the options that I could find in these forums, save graphics mode, vga with a 1024x768 resolution, removing "quiet splash --", adding "break=top[bottom/button]", "modprobe piix", ensuring it's using the vesa driver in xorg.conf, removing xorg.conf, etc, but it keeps failing to find a resolution, or so it seems.

Any other solutions that anyone can offer?

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Postby Boo » Thu Oct 25, 2007 1:43 am

If the same CD installed to a VM i see no problem with it.

have you tried the option of irqpoll?
you could also try noacpi or acpi=no.

try these in safe graphics mode first.

Now where was i going? Oh yes, crazy!

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