Increase mint4win Installation Size After Installing etc?

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Increase mint4win Installation Size After Installing etc?

Post by ClutchHunter »

So, I'm now on Mint 11 having installed it as a program within Windows, primarily because my partitions were confusing me and I'm not ready to mess with that, lol. So I'm in Mint now, and I'm getting constant errors that I only have 300MB of space left on the installation. I'm ready to give Mint another 50GB of HDD space, however can this be done after installation? Because at this point I'm simply not willing to start from scratch again, as after a whole day labouring away I've got the OS exactly how I want it.

So errr yeah, can you increase your mint4win installation size after installation? Whether that be within Mint or Windows I don't mind, I just really need to allocate more space to the installation and I'm not starting from scratch(again)!

Help appreciated :mrgreen:
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Re: Increase mint4win Installation Size After Installing etc

Post by xenopeek »

Next time, please search the forums first. Your answer is found here: ... 13#p312280
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