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no internet connection

Postby Guest » Mon Dec 24, 2007 12:16 am

note: i am runninglinux mint 4.0, as of this moment. the thing is, i installed it, a 6 gig partition for "/", and a sperate 30+ gig partition for "/media/data" for all my media files. about a half hour before i nstalled i, i was running ubuntu gutsy and i had an internet connection. but, as soon as i booted into my new linux mint installation - no internet.

i had the exact same connection settings as i did with my ubuntu, and the computer i'm on right now (beside my main comp) obviously has internet. i tried setting it to roaming mode, dhcp, and a static ip (i have a router, a lynksys something or other), none of which were able to provide me with a connection. it could be my router, but it also could be just a simple setting i have o change somewhere. and ideas?

it could be something as simple as a bad downloaded .iso and not installing some sort of internet component or something, i dont know. btw, i love the first impression i go from linuxmint on first boo. very nice indeed.


Re: no internet connection

Postby Guest » Mon Dec 24, 2007 12:52 am

ok so i removed my router by plugin my computer's ethernet line right into the modem and selected dhcp (which i am working from as of now). hopefully, if i try it again through the router, i'll have some sort of sucess. this sort of thing has hapened before with some games i've played; had to establish a "jumpstart" connection without router before i try it with the router.
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