Installing Linux, specifically Mint, for first time...

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Installing Linux, specifically Mint, for first time...

Postby Jinnai » Thu Dec 27, 2007 7:39 pm

I've done some reading up, but wanted some advice for setting up partitions. I want to use virtualbox for running XP, specifically for gaming. Beyond that, I probably won't be running anything else.This will be my own personal computer and won't have anyone else using it (usually).

So how is the best way to setup partitions including:file format, size and number. I have 1 320 SATA drive and 1 120 EIDE. Mayve 1 80 EIDE...dunno about the last. there an easy way to keep people from installing stuff without permission without swapping out to a guest account? My friend sometimes uses my computer to play WoW and he tends to install programs on my computer without asking...minor ones, but i'd prefer he not do this.

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Re: Installing Linux, specifically Mint, for first time...

Postby exploder » Thu Dec 27, 2007 7:58 pm

I am not sure about your partitioning question, you have a lot of space! I know ext3 would probably be best for your file system. With so much space I would just let Mint automatically set up the partitions.

As long as no one knows your password they can not install anything. I have just one account on my machine and it is set to auto log, so anyone can use my pc. Only I know the password. My Wife and Kids can use my pc if one of the others is in use and I do not have to worry about anything getting messed up too bad.

I try and keep things simple, someone else may have another idea.

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