phillips freevents x59 laptop

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phillips freevents x59 laptop

Postby cybersmith1 » Wed Feb 13, 2008 5:02 am

anyone else struggling with this bit of kit been around most of forums and the problem hasnt gotten any better since x52 and fedora 6 and other distro,s they all seem to have the same sort of problem just wont install it freeze's at checking hardware and you can only get that far by booting in command line it seems that the people who have had the problem in the past have either given up or not recorded there sucsess for other's to follow am downloading a kernel altered copy off a dutch (genius ? ) he will be in my eyes if it work's ive googled it and phillips x5* range and linux dont mix to well its only 3 months old at the current rate it will be on ebay before its 4 months old would be shame because its nice lappy like it but i want to dual boot/multiboot even so if any more knowledgable user's can advice would greatly appricieate it thanyou

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Re: phillips freevents x59 laptop

Postby Husse » Thu Feb 14, 2008 5:37 pm

Pleas please consider how you write
It's all in one go without punctuation and no line breaks. Really hard to read and I don't really understand what your problem is - apart from a phillips laptop - did not even know they made lappys...
Don't fix it if it ain't broken, don't break it if you can't fix it


Re: phillips freevents x59 laptop

Postby Guest » Mon Feb 18, 2008 12:49 am

thankyou for posting a reply and appologies for my punctuation and lack of line breaks ( :oops: no exuses)
there appear to be a few makes/models that are all similar,hy12 twinhead ,averatec 2460 notebook)
the problem it hangs/freezes almost straight away when trying to boot from disk
the above links explain the problem in depth which is to do with 8139too:realtec 8139c ethernet driver(mmio)
as far as i can gather it needs to be pio instead of mmio

i have downloaded a few bits to read but not the i,s,o with the modified kernel for 2 reasons
1. i would like to know what i am doing and why
2. for no other reason i would like to duel boot mint rather than ubuntu

thankyou again just for replying as a newbie and struggling it does get a bit frustrating .
on the subject of "phillips doing a lappy" the x59 is a duel,core 1.6ghrz that comes with vista premium a 12.1 screen 4hr batt life and a hardy little piece of kit
they just dont appear to be very linux friendly

i would just like to add one other point and that is when i finally get mint installed and running i will list it here so that other's with the same lappy will have a starting point .
once again thankyou .

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