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Install Bug

Postby lost » Fri Feb 22, 2008 6:38 pm

Mint linux has a problem installing on my system. I have a PATA drive installed and a SATA drive w/ a SATA add in card. I am installing Mint on the SATA. The PATA has Windows(I think it works lol) and Ubuntu7.10. I am installing Mint 4.0 to the SATA. The BIOS is set to boot the SATA first. During install the default GRUB is hd0 which is correct but the Live CD thinks the PATA is hd0 which is wrong. To get around this I tell the install to install GRUB on hd1. When the install is all done I now have to fix grub so the system will boot. I have to edit every line that points to the the wrong place ie the install has root = hd1,0 for Mint well no it is hd0,0. hd1,0 is windows but the install has it as hd0,0 and ubuntu as hd0,1 when it should be hd1,0 and hd1,1. After I edit everything all boots well.

I do not know if this is known or not but this is annoying and will cause problems for beginners

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Re: Install Bug

Postby Husse » Sat Feb 23, 2008 4:10 pm

Grub is a tough matter...
Which drive becomes (hd0) depends on (how the installer interprets) the hardware layout
In this case it is correct to set the PATA/IDE as (hd0) as it is on the motherboard while the SATA is on a PCI card which always is secondary to the motherboard
The primary IDE master will be (hd0), the primary SATA will be (hd0)
When both exists on the motherboard (hd0) will be the one the motherboard gives priority, on modern boards the SATA (correct me if I'm wrong)
Why could you not use the IDE disk?
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Re: Install Bug

Postby lost » Tue Feb 26, 2008 1:14 am

I am putting grub on the SATA mostly because the bios maps it as the first drive. I could change the boot order back to the PATA drive but why? But I would still have to fix grub menu from the installation for the other OS installs. The issue is the live cd does not map the drives the same as how they really are. Yes what you are saying would work not because it is right but because it is lucky, Mint would be on the correct drive but grub would have been installed on the wrong drive per the settings during install, how grub sees how the drive mapping is and how the computer bios maps the drives. For most new comers to linux this would be a show stopper. Being new to linux does not mean they are new to computers and may be knowledgeable in many areas of computers. To many of them the way I am doing it makes sense. It also makes sense to me as I may remove the PATA drive at some point and put it in my sons computer. I would then have to install grub, but why when I can just do it the correct way from the get go?

I just thought I would point out a bug. Take it or leave it matters not.

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